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During the 1990s the Italian-born, London-based photographer Yvonne De Rosa volunteered in an old psychiatric hospital. Six years after it closed down, she returned to its decaying rooms and corridors to document the void left by the inpatients. The result is this touching study.

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Mark Cook OBE, the founder of Hope and Homes for Children, invited me to visit and meet some of the people he was working with, helping them to cope with their difficult situations. The people I met were amazing, but in terrible conditions, fighting everyday for their survival.
We decided to make a body of work about that experience.

I portray these people to show their strength of character.I have seen their tenacity and their pride and just with an old Rolleiflex and few available poses I have seen how clear and  strong their sense of identity is and it is important to respect it.  In 2015 Hidden Identities will be on show for 6 months at the V&A Museum of Childhood.

"Hidden Identities unfinished" powerfully demonstrates the strength of character the children have developed. Their sense of personal pride, community spirit and human kindness is to be celebrated and respected".

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