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Albania Available For Rent

Albania Available for Rent is the response to the spirit that lives in the memory of things of the past.
“When I travel I feel that I would love to treasure all the stories I came across to, adding value to their primordial meaning” says Yvonne De Rosa.

By placing together found pictures with recent ones , Yvonne De Rosa explores the “old and the new”, the past and the present, trying to add her personal vision.

At the time of her passage, in the same places of those found pictures in Albania,(the first one depicting her great grand father in the same place in Albania during the second world war) the country had witnessed the conquest of independence, the institution of the Republic, the Italian-German military occupation until the socialist regime of Enver Hoxha with his fall and the difficult transition post regime. The Albanian population was experiencing a moment of suspension between a season of building speculation and the hope in the economic potential of tourism. Gathering traces in every place she photographed,Yvonne De Rosa engages her personal fight with time by adding one more fraction of a second to the found story, dialoguing with the people who was photographed in the past telling them what would have been the future of a place that in those days was her present.